The Swimming Pool, Sauna & Hot tub

About our indoor swimming pool, sauna & hot tub.

Our swimming pool is maintained at 30 degrees, perfect for little ones and very welcoming for grown-ups too! Our Hot tub and sauna are a wonderful way to relax - whether you want to splash & play with the kids or read on a sunbed around the pool with views of rolling Cornish hills our pool is the perfect place for winter or summer holidays.

Our indoor Swimming Pool, Sauna & Hot tub.

(Open Tues - Sat 8am - 9pm, Sun 9am - 9pm & Mon 1pm - 9pm)

There is no lifeguard or supervision in the pool hall. You will be responsible for ensuring that your party complies with the simple rules needed to keep the facility safe – and gives every consideration to other guests. You must ensure that no child or children are left in the pool hall unattended even for a moment. Children under 16 years of age must always be under parental supervision.

In order to balance the popularity of our swimming pool sole use time slots with the relaxation of the Covid restrictions, we are trialling a compromise.
The pool is open to all from 8am to 1pm & 4pm until 9pm, with the usual restrictions of no more than 10 swimmers at any one time.

There are 3x 1-hour bookable time slots, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm that guests wishing to use the pool on their own can book using a form on the pool door. The 3 slots will be available to claim daily (except Mondays), guests wishing to claim these slots simply mark their cottage name on the chart on the pool door.

At the start of each hour unclaimed slots will become free for open use.

We will run this new system on a trial basis, feedback will be appreciated.


There is a small charge for use of the Sauna (£1 for 20 minutes and Hot tub (£2 for 20 minutes)

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